Singing makes you happy?

Of course! Research has shown us that endorphins are released when we sing. They are our happy chemicals! Singing gives you more confidence, it oxygenates your brain and makes you feel more alive. This is why more and more people are taking singing lessons!


I'd like to help you improve your singing while sharing a great moment of happiness ! Here is how; By:
1- Understanding your vocal apparatus and your breathing system
2- Discovering your vocal signature our personal touch
3- Touching the audience to offer a great moment of joy !

I've been giving some masterclass in the center of Paris and all around France for various groups from 5 to 70 people taking part in it ! Don't hesitate to contact me you'd like to know more about it !

Here is video in french to introduce it:

There will be a masterclass in Nantes, start of July 2019
Tuesday 2nd, Thursday 4th of July -6pm to 9pm-
Friday 5th -5:30pm to 8:30pm-
From 16 years old and upwards !

Private lessons:

I teach some private lessons in the center of Paris for 60€ per hour, working on singing and breathing technics and on songs of your choice, to follow your wishes and taste !

A little about me: a Guilford School of Acting Alumni

From the age of 11 I have toured in France, the US and the UK. I trained in a singing conservatoire in Paris, while studying in La Sorbonne and at the ECM of Paris. I then got accepted into the Guilford School of Acting, one of the UK's leading schools for Musical Theatre. I also obtained a teaching diploma from the Trinity College of London. I am now a singing teacher and vocal coach for Upbeat Music Courses, Fredonia School, and my private pupils. 

Start your singing journey now! I teach exclusively in Paris! 

"I loved how energetic and professional you were, and how much progress I made very quickly! I've learned a lot: how to place my voice, breathe and reach notes I thought I could never reach. I've realised that my entire body is working with my voice. I learned a lot of good technique from your classes, and also I now understand all of the technical terms. Thank you!" Audrey, 29

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